Model: DKW
Year: 1958
Body: Van
Motor: 4 cylinder
Location: Chantaburi
Contact: Email: [email protected] Phone: 0923946278


DKW CLASSIC VAN, 1958, original German van. The only one in Thailand. Beautiful historical automobile.

Beautiful historical automobile. Imported from the Hawaiian islands, German original. It’s been in the family since 1968. It’s a project car. If you want very specific details on pricing please message me privately via email.

Engine: 750cc , 3 cylinder, 2 stroke, water cooled crankshaft and connecting rods on one unit (mains are roller bearings, Rods are needle bearings), black cast iron, head aluminium, separate ignition system for each cylinder ( 3 coils, 3 sets of points and 3 condensers), separate 28 mm Mikuni carburetor for each cylinder, gravity feed to carburetors from 10 gallon petrol tank (no fuel -pump required), approximate horsepower: 75.

Tansaxle: made by ZF , 4 speed, 1sy is compound low (unsynchronized, ge real design sa.e as Porsche 356, except engine and transaxle are in front of vehicle, front wheels are driven by half axels with constant velocity joints, 180 mm clutch is operated by cable linkage, heard change lever is on the steering column.

Suspension: fully independent all four wheels, front suspension: trans erse leaf spring with lower A arms, rear suspension: torsion bars with trailing arms carried in needle bearings, steering: ZF rack and pinion style.

Brakes: identical to Porsche 356 A, double leading shoe type, separate wheel cylinders for each shoe, 280 mm cat steel brake drums, 16 inch, 4 bolt wheels (a spare set of after-market 15 inch wheels come with the vehicle).

Body: similar to a VW Microbus with windows all around, driver’s and passenger’s door open forward (suicide doors), rear door exte dsfrom floor to ceiling, hinged on left side, floor completely flat (large cargo area, easy to load), heavy gauge steel unit body on very strong g conventional steel frame, 2 Porsche style djxe bucket seats in front. No seats in rear.

Electrical System: Bosch 6 volt, very basic, 160 watt generator (Dynamo) , electric starter, single electric windscreen wiper, headlights, taillights, turning signals, minimum instruments.

Please contact in seriously interested in this one-of-a-kind piece.

Price: Please contact the owner

I am interested in this car. Still available?