Land Rover Discovery Series I

ราคา: ฿590,000

รุ่น: Discovery 1 300 Tdi
ปี: 1996
กำลัง / แรงม้า: SUV
เครื่องยนต์: 4 cylinder
สีภายใน: Beige
สีภายนอก: Green
สถานที่: Chiang Mai


Land Rover Discovery 300 Tdi Automatic, Series I, 1996, fully restored including engine, suspension, brakes, gearbox, fuel pump, radiator, body/paint and interior. Suspension has been lifted 3 inches; 12,000 lb winch, snorkel, new front grill, new headlights, indicators and tail lights. New interior and roof headlining, new Hankook tires 265 75 R16 AT; located in Chiang Mai

Price: 590,000 THB

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