ราคา: ฿900,000

รุ่น: Maverick
ปี: 1970
กำลัง / แรงม้า: Coupe
เกียร์: Automatic
สีภายใน: Black
สีภายนอก: Red
สถานที่: Pattaya
Contact: 085- 811 3700


FORD MAVERICK Coupe, 1970, good condition but needs work, TOYOTA 6 cylinder, automatic transmission, clean book, tax up to date, ready to transfer, located in Pattaya

Price: 900,000 b

This is a nice project for someone who wants to restore it. Now it has a TOYOTA 1JZ Engine, but should be converted back to a small block ford. It has a new Shortened Ford 9″ Detroit Locker that will take a lot of horse power. Car runs well and makes good power, but it would be much nicer and worth a lot more if it had a Boss 302 or something similar. I was planning to do the car myself but due to other projects & time restraints it has been sitting for a few years, and I decided it’s best to let someone else have it. Classic Car prices have been rising rapidly, as there is very few available in the market any more, and Imports have been halted for a few years now. Has a clean book in my name, tax is up to date. Ready for e new owner.
I am not interested in giving the car away, so unless you are prepared to pay my asking price then don’t waste each others time.


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